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IGN: Sir_Valkyr
By Sir_Valkyr » about 1 year ago
We are currently working on a major upgrade to the server and the way players experience it! We're aiming to create a new RPG world filled with adventure, quests, epic custom items, magic, and more!

The timeline for this project will be quite long, so don't expect the RPG server to be fully playable in the near future. However, as we progress, we will be selecting people to help Beta test quest-lines and experience the world to improve on it!

Here's a sneak peak of a mesa village!


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IGN: halohall
By halohall » 12 months ago
I want to help if you let me


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IGN: Treague
By Treague » 12 months ago
it looks so exciting


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IGN: Zytaria
By Zytaria » 12 months ago
Ooh, look at that spoiler :3

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