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IGN: WynterSG
By WynterSG » 4 months ago
Recently the admin Treague has been abusing their powers. I have put the proof below. There is no rule saying that command spam is bannable and if that is a rule it should be listed and I feel my mute is not appropriate but it will have run out by the time this has been seen but I feel this is completely inappropriate. I have also just recently been told that the admin also said that DMing the admin to say sorry while they were banned is against the rules. If so it should be listed on the rule list. If you want to see the messages between the admin and the person that I will not say their name, DM me on discord. WynterSG#3410 I have also blurred the person's name at their request and for their privacy.
https://imgur.com/a/vXftd (Images should be in order)