The Rules

1) No modded clients or hacking.

2) No staff impersonation or mocking.

3) Do not try to grief or obstruct protected zones.

4) No advertising other minecraft servers.

5) Do not IP bait.

6) No racial, or gender discrimination slurs.

7) No harassing or bullying.

8) No Spamming.

9) No asking for staff, asking for free items, or begging.

10) Chat rules still apply in private messages.

11) No /tpa spamming.

12) No taking items from Creative into the Survival World.

13) Safe-zoning is not allowed.

14) Abusing any glitches or exploits is bannable. Report it to a staff member or /ticket.

15) English only in global chat. You may speak other languages in private message.

16) Do not use /helpop while muted.

17) Do not use excessive caps.

18) Do not letter spam.

19) Do not use offensive skins.

20) No tamed pets in the PvP arena.

21) Do not make offensive builds or banners.

22) No offensive in game names.

23) You may only considered to become a staff member after you have played on the server for more than a week.

24) No protecting End-Portals or any other hard-to-find portals.

25) Asking Staff for help and killing them when they help results in an immediate ban.

26) Staff and Donators may not abuse their powers/priviledges. If they do, they may be demoted, or banned if they violate rules.